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Vacuum Oven

Double walled construction, outer body made with M. S. sheet duly powder coated/painted. Inner chamber made of stainless steel, glass wool insulation, temperature range 50° 150° C. Temperature controlled by imported hydraulic thermostat/digital temp: controller. Provided with valve and vacuum guage, see through door with toughened glass Suitable to work on 230 VAC. Supplied without vacuum pump. Maximum Vacuum 760 mm of mercury.

Optional Accessories

PID temperature controller can be fitted with above equipment for better accuracy.
Micro-processor based programmable digital display temp, controller with temp, increment related to time with step for soak and ramp can be supplied.
Digital display vacuum indicator with vacuum transducer can be fitted with the unit.

Cat No. Chamber Size Watts
RVO-9 22.5 cms dia x 30 cm depth 600
RVO-12 30 cms dia x 38 cm depth 1000
RVO-15 38 cms dia x 45 cm depth 1200
RVO-18 45 cms dia x 60 cm depth 1200