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Humidity Oven

Double walled construction, outer body made of G.I. sheet, inner chamber made with 304 quality stainless steel sheet. Temperature range ambient +10°C to 60° C. Accuracy ± 2°C.Temperature and Humidity controlled by digital display temperature controller (dry bulb and wet bulb method). Humidity up to 95% RH, accuracy ± 3%. Humidity is created by steam generator fitted below the unit, provided with water level cut-off and audio visual alarm.

Supplied with aluminum anodized relative humidity chart.

Optional Accessories

Digital Temp.and Humidity controller (Humidistat)
Micro processor controlled programmable Temp: and Humidity controller to take print out in regular intervals.
0 - 24 hrs. Digital cyclic timer can be fitted. Illumination with CFL or Fluorescent tube two numbers 45 cms 15 watts UV tube one
Outer body with stainless steel 304 quality sheet can be fabricated

Cat. No Capacity Chamber Size in cms
REO-4 110 ltr 45x45x60
REO-6 175 ltr 50x45x80
REO-10 280 ltr 60x55x90
REO-12 340 ltr 60x60x90