Cryostat Bath (Refrigerated Water Bath)  
Double walled construction outer body made of galvanized steel, duly powder coated and inner chamber made with 304 quality S.S sheet. PUF insulated. temp: range 0C to 50C temp:
Controlled by MCD (microprocessor controlled digital display) temp: controller, with inbuilt time delay for compressor ON. Without heating provision can be supplied on request. Fitted with AC TEFC motor stirrer for circulation. A drain valve is provided in the bottom. Refrigeration is obtained by hermetically sealed compressor with CFC free refrigerant.

Category No. Inner dimensions of working space in cm Capacity Rating
RUCB-01 20x20x25 10 ltr 0.75 Kw
RUCB-02 25x25x25 15 ltr 1 Kw
RUCB-03 30x30x25 25 ltr 1.5 Kw
RUCB-04 40X45X40 75 ltr 2 K.w
Ultra Cryostat Bath with different size, range and specifications can be supplied on request.
Outer body with stainless steel 304 quality sheet can be fabricated on request.
All the Refrigeration equipment should connect through a suitable and quality stabilizer, unless other wise the warranty will be invalid.

        Blood Bank Refrigerator  

Blood Bank Refrigerator is a versatile storage cabinet designed to meet various requirements in the storage of blood and such other blood related products. Double walled construction, outer body made with galvanized steel sheet, duly powder coated, inner chamber made with 304 quality stainless steel sheet, PUF insulation is provided to minimize the thermal loss. The outer door is provided with magnetic beading, lock, key and handle, provided with forced air draft system to maintain the inside temperature even and constant, inner drawers with clear plexiglass door. The entire unit is mounted on lockable caster wheels for ease of mobility. Equipped with CFC free compressor and refrigerant.
   Biosafe- Biological Safety Cabinet

These are designed to use simultaneous primary biological and chemical containment. The recirculation of cabinet air through a second HEPA filter offers highest level of cleanliness.
The Bio safety cabinets are made with good quality water proof marine plywood, outer surface are covered with laminated sheet, all the interior joints are sealed with good quality adhesives, and made the cabinet leak proof. All the internal surfaces are painted with synthetic rubber paint, made termite proof and weather resistant.

The vertical steam sterilizer is used for sterilizing the loaded material under steam pressure of 15 to 18 PSI.
Electrically operated, single wall body made of quality stainless steel, Die pressed model. Lid of the unit consists of pressure gauge, safety valve (adjustable spring loaded) and pressure release valve. Pressure can be adjusted at any point between 10 to 18 PSI lid of the unit is tightened by bakelite insulated nut and bolt, provided a gasket made of silicon rubber. ISI quality immersion type heater is used for heating. Supplied with cord and plug, suitable to work on 220 V AC supply.

        Vaccum Oven (Round-Electric)  

Double walled construction, outer body made with M. S. sheet duly powder coated/painted. Inner chamber made of stainless steel 304 grade sheet of thick guage to withstand vacuum, provided with ceramic wool and glass wool insulation to avoid thermal loss, temperature range 500C. to 1500C. Temperature controlled by imported hydraulic thermostat accuracy +/- 2 0C digital temp: controller fitted model also available. Provided with valve and vacuum guage, see through door with toughened glass. Suitable to work on 220 V AC. supplied without vacuum pump. Maximum vacuum 760 mm of mercury.
Optional Accessories
PID temperature controller can be fitted with above equipment for better accuracy.
Micro-processor based programmable digital display temp. controller with temp.
Increment related to time with step for soak and ramp can be supplied.
Digital display vacuum indicator with vacuum transducer can be fitted with the unit.

Category No. Chamber Size Watts
RVO-9 22.5 cms dia x 30cm depth 600
RVO-12 30 cms dia x 38 cm depth 800
RVO-15 38 cms dia x 45cm depth 1000
RVO-18 45 cms dia x 60cm depth 1200
    Photo Therapy Unit
This dual light object photo therapy unit is designed for treatment to lower the serum bilurubin level in the neo natal babies. Provided with Perspex cradle to get the light from the bottom as well as from the top.Light object consists of 4 or 6 tubes of 20 W, each object consists of 2 UV tubes and remaining are fluorescent tubes The  UV tubes used are Philips Holland make to get the required wave length and heat .

    Air Flow Cabinets Slides
Humidity Cabinets (Environmental test chamber) Slide Warming Table
Laminar Air Flow Cabinets (Horizontal) Slide Viewing Box
Laminar Air Flow Cabinets (Vertical)    
Biological Safety Cabinet with Virus Burnout Unit    
Tissue Culture Hood    
Inoculation Hood    
Fume Hood    
    Centrifuges Deep Freezers
Medico Centrifuge Deep Freezer (Horizontal/Vertical)- 20°C
Clinical Centrifuge Deep Freezer (Horizontal/Vertical)- 35 °C
Multi-purpose Laboratory Centrifuge Deep Freezer (Horizontal/Vertical)- 80°C
    Furnaces Heating Mantles
Muffle Furnace Heating Mantle
High temperature Muffle Furnace Soxhelt Extraction Mantle
Electric Bunsen Burner Rota Mantle
    Ovens Incubators
Humidity Oven Bacteriological Incubator - Bottom Heated
Lab Oven - Hot Air Oven Bacteriological Incubator - Memmert Type
Lab Oven - Memmert Type Hot Air Oven BOD Incubator
Industrial Oven Incubator Shaker
Industrial Drier Platelet incubator 
    Hybridization incubator  
    Stirrers Shakers
Agitators Khan Shaker (Reciprocating Type)
Platelet Agitators Griffin Flask Shaker (Wrist action)
Flocculator - Jar Test Apparatus (Multi Spindle Stirrer) Rotary Shaker
Homogenisor - High Speed Tilting Shaker
Homogenisor - Low Speed Platelet Rotator
Light and Medium Duty Stirrer VDRL Rotator 
D.C Motor Stirrer Water Bath Shaker
Stirrer with A.C. Motor (AC- Drive Control)    
Gered Stirrer    
Geared Stirrer    
Magnetic Stirrer (with/without Hot Plate)    
    Water Baths  
Paraffinic Bath Insipisator
Plasma thawing Bath Paraffin Embedding Bath
Viscosity Water Bath Rectangular Water Bath
Precision water bath Serological Water Bath
Circulation Water Bath Single Wall Water Bath
Cylindrical Water Bath Tissue Flotation Bath
     Other products
Roller Pot Mill Grab Sampler
Vicat Sofetening Apparatus with Oil Bath Fermentor
Oil bath Round Plant Growth Chamber
Oil bath Rectangular Seed Germinator
Tablet Friability Test Apparatus Environmental Controller (De-Humidifier)
Water Stills ( manesty type) Wall mounting Infrared Sterlizer
Water Stills (Barnstead type- Tabletop model) Tissue Culture Rack
Vortex Mixer (Cyclo Mixer) Hot Plate (Round)
Depth Sampler Rectangular Hot Plate
Photo Therapy Unit Dry block digester
Lab Jack U V Inspection Cabinet
X-ray Drier Plant sample Grinder
    Laboratory Grinder (willy mill type)
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