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Soxhelt Extraction Mantle

Ideal apparatus for the soxhelt and other types of extraction purpose in laboratory. Heating mantles arranged in a raw. Housing is made with M. S. Sheet, duly powder coated, supplied with stand and adjustable rod. Supplied without any glass parts and clamps. Suitable to work on 220 V AC supply.

Cat No. Capacity No. of flasks
RHMS-3S 200ml 3
RHMS-4S 250ml 4
RHMS-6S 250ml 6
RHMS-3M 500ml 3
RHMS-4M 500ml 4
RHMS-6M 500ml 6
RHMS-3L 1000ml 3
RHMS-4L 1000ml 4
RHMS-6L 1000ml 6