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Plant Growth Chamber

This is a versatile unit for conducting quality control tests under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. Atmospheric - climatic - condi¬tions are created within the chamber to perform different experiments without going on to the field.

Double walled construction, outer body made of G.I. sheet, duly powder coated, inner chamber made with 304 quality Stainless steel sheet. Temperature range 100C to 600C. Accuracy +10C. Temperature-humidity controlled by digital display temperature controller. Humidity range 50% to 95% RH, accuracy+3%. temp and humidity are controlled by digital display temp: controller and Humidistat. This equipment is fitted with a versatile temp: and Humidity programmable instrument for setting the temp: variation of Day and Night, can set ramp and soak of temp: and humidity. An in built programme for parallel printer inter face provided with the controller, supplied a connector to connect to the PC/printer, to take print out of the temp: and humidity in setted intervals.

Humidity is created by steam generator fitted at the bottom of the unit, provided with water fevel cut -off and audio visual alarm.

Outer body with stainless steel 304 quality sheet with GMP standard also available

Cat No. Capacity No. of racks
RPGC-01 300 ltr 4
RPGC-02 600 ltr 8

Optional Accessories

UV light 60cms 20 watt / 45cms 15 watts

Suitable voltage stabilizer is to be used to protect the equipment from voltage fluctuation. Non use of stabilizer will render the warranty of the equipment invalid. Stabilizer rating : 2 K.V.A for 300 Ltr and 4 K.V.A for 600 Ltr