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Incubator Shaker Heating

Rotek shaking incubators are ideal where orbital shaking is necessary under closely controlled temperature above ambient temperature. Suitable for laboratory procedures such as tissue culture, fermentation studies, growth studies, enzyme reactions, controlled purification and ageing studies.

This is an incubator having 6 cft. capacity, Double walled construction, exterior is made of G.I.sheets and interior of stainless steel sheet. Equipped with orbital shaking mechanism to shake contents in Erlyn mayer flasks in required temperature. The temp: range ambient + 50C to 600C ,Temp: controlled by digital display temp: controller cum indicator. Accuracy +/ - 0.50C. Speed of shaking is 50 to 250 RPM. The speed of the shaking is controllable and equipped with digital Timer and RPM indicator. The shaking platform is made with thick S.S. Sheet and provided place to fix different size clamps to hold the flasks of different capacity.

Suitable to work in 220 V AC supply

Optional Accessories :

Outer body with stainless steel 304 quality sheet with GMP standard also available
Interior illumination with fluorescent tube 2 nos.
Automatic digital cyclic timer 0-24 hrs for illumination control
U.V.tube45cms ISwatts.
Additional Lotus clamps

Cat No. Capacity Platform Size No of Flask
ROSI-2 170 ltr 45 x 45 cm 16 flasks - 250ml