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Rotary Shaker

The orbital shaker is used for tissue culture work, aeration of fermentation and other chemical procedure. This equipment is specially designed for shaking of solutions in Erlenmeyer flasks from 100 ml to 500 ml. Different models available for specific application in labs of research institutions, chemical and agricultural studies. The platform is fitted on a ball bearing mounted crank shaft arrangement to drive the platform in an orbital shaking motion. Models available with fixed RPM (180) coupled with continuous duty AC motor and 30 minutes timer. Models available with controllable speed up to 250 RPM coupled with continuous duty PMDC Motor, and speed controlled by stepless electronic speed regulator.

Heavy duty models available with mechanical speed regulator, coupled with V belt and AC TEFC continuous duty motor, suitable for long duration tests.

Cat. No Platform Capacity Platform Size In cm
RRS-01 9 flasks of 250 ml 37x37
RRS-02 12 flasks of 250 ml 45x37
RRS-03 16 flasks of 250 ml 45x45
RRS-04 36 flasks of 250 ml 61x61


This orbital shaker fitted with PMDC motor and 30 minutes timer. Speed of shaking can be adjusted from 50 to 250 suitable to work on 220 VAC.

Digital display RPM indicator and timer can be fitted with the above instrument.