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Heating Mantles

Suitable for laboratories of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, glass plants and distillation units etc., particularly useful for heating inflammable liquids. Mantle is made from fibre glass yarn, good quality nichrome / kanthal wire element. The fiber glass yarn can withstand temp: up to 350°C, mounted in a powder coated Aluminum / mild steel body with glass wool insulation.Temperature is controlled by energy regulator. Suitable to work on 220 V AC supply.

Cat No. Capacity of flasks Watts
RHM-1 250ml 120
RHM-2 500ml 200
RHM-3 1 ltr 300
RHM-4 2 ltr 500
RHM-5 5 ltr 800
RHM-6 10 ltr 1000
RHM-7 20 ltr 1500
RHM-8 50 ltr 3600