Humidity Oven

  Double walled construction, outer body made of G.I. sheet, inner chamber made with 304 quality stainless steel sheet. Temperature range ambient +100C to 600 C. Accuracy ± 20C. Temperature and Humidity controlled by digital display temperature controller (dry bulb and wet bulb method). Humidity up to 95% RH, accuracy ± 3%. Humidity is created by steam generator fitted below the unit, provided with water level cut –off and audio visual alarm.
Supplied with aluminum anodized relative humidity chart.
Optional Accessories
Digital Temperature and Humidity controller (Humidistat).
Micro processor controlled programmable Temperature and Humidity controller with Rs. 232 interface to take print out in regular intervals.
0 - 24 hrs. Digital cyclic timer can be fitted with an extra cost.
Illumination with CFL or Fluorescent tube two numbers.
45 cms 15 watts UV tube one.
Outer body with stainless steel 304 quality sheet can be fabricated.
Category No. Capacity Chamber Size
(Approx.) in cms
REO - 4 110 ltr 45x45x60
REO -6 175 ltr 50x45x80
REO -10 280 ltr 60x55x90
REO - 12 340 ltr 60x60x90
Outer body made of stainless steel 304 quality sheet .with GMP standard also available.

  Hot Air Oven-Bottom Heated

  Rotek ovens are designed to meet various application in research, medical, industrial, agricultural and educational institution for drying, sterilizing, baking etc designed to work up to 180 0C.
Outer body of M.S. sheet, powder coated, inner chamber choice of Aluminum / stainless steel. Insulation: Glass wool 65mm. thick, provided to reduce the heat loss to the economical minimum, provided with adjustable and removable SS /aluminum shelves.High quality imported heating elements and thermostat ensures long life and accuracy respectively.
Temp: controlled by: Imported Hydraulic Thermostat/Digital Electronic Temp: controller. Models available with air circulation fan. An AC TEFC long shaft motor is coupled with centrifugal impeller type fan at the back side and provided extra space for air circulation .
Temp: range ambiant +50 to 2000C, Accuracy: ±10C at higher Temp, Supplied with out thermometer, Various models are available ,details are given below, “Custom made ovens also supplied on request”

Hot Air Oven with Thermostat (EGO German make)
Category No. Internal DimensionsLXWXH in cm No. of Shelves Approx. ltr capacity Watts
RHO-12 30X30X30 2 28 1000
RHO-14 35X35X35 2 45 1000
RHO-18 45X45X45 2 95 1200
RHO-18H 45X45X60 3 125 1200
RHO-24 60X60X60 3 225 1500
RHO-24SH 60X45X91 3 250 1800
RHO-24H 60X60X91 3 325 1800
Hot air oven with air circulation fan (Bottom heated) AC-TEFC motor coupled with centrifugal-stainless steel impeller and a chamber provided for air circulation.
Hot air oven with digital temp: controller cum indicator (Bottom heated).
Deluxe model Hot Air Oven (Bottom heated) with digital temperature controller & Air circulation fan.
High temperature oven can be supplied on request.
SS outer body with GMP standerd model also supplied.

  Memmert Type Hot Air Oven (With 3 side heating element)
Hot Air Oven with thermostat (EGO German make).
Category No. Internal DimensionsLXWXH in cm No. of Shelves Approx. ltr capacity Watts
RHOM-12 30X30X30 2 28 1000
RHOM-14 35X35X35 2 45 1000
RHOM-18 45X45X45 2 95 1200
RHOM-18H 45X45X60 3 125 1200
RHOM-24 60X60X60 3 225 1500
RHOM-24SH 60X45X91 3 250 1800
RHOM-24H 60X60X91 3 325 1800
Memmert type Hot air oven with air circulation fan ( AC TEFC motor coupled With centrifugel- stainless steel impeller and a chamber provided for air circulation).
Memmert type Hot air oven digital temp: Controller cum Indicator.
Deluxe model memmert type Hot air oven (With 3 side heating element) With digital display temperature controller and air circulation fan.
High temperature oven can be supplied on request.
Outer body made of S.S with GMP standard also available.

  Industrial Oven
Double walled construction, inner & outer made of mild steel, properly painted. Glass wool insulation, temperature up to 200°C ± 5°C. Controlled by imported hydraulic Thermostat or Digital temp: controller. Provided with an air circulation fan, supply 415 VC.50Hz.
Sizes of standard models are given below; different size of ovens can be made with the specifications and requirement of the customer.
Category No. Internal Dimensions in cm
RHOI-332 91x91x60
RHOI-333 91x91x91
RHOI-343 91x121x91
RHOI-353 91x152x91
RHOI-363 91x182x91
RHOI-464 121x182x121
RHOI-483 121x243x91
RHOI-565 152x182x152
Digital Display temp. indicator cum controller model also available.
We undertake manufacturing of special purpose. Ovens/ Driers with specific constructional details, dimensions and temp: range etc. available with electrical heaters and diesel fired heat generators.
Specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.

  Industrial Drier / Oven

Industrial Drier

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