Air Flow Cabinets
  Humidity Cabinet (Environmental test chamber)

This is a versatile unit for conducting quality control tests under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. Atmospheric – climatic - conditions are created within the chamber to perform different experiments without going on to the field. Double walled construction, outer body made of G.I. sheet, duly powder coated inner chamber made with 304 quality stainless steel sheet. Temperature range 50C to 500C. Accuracy ± 0.50C. Temperature-Humidity controlled by digital display temperature controller (dry bulb and wet bulb). Humidity range 50 % to 95% RH, accuracy ± 3%. Humidity is created by steam generator fitted at the bottom of the unit, provided with water level cut –off and audio visual alarm.
Supplied with aluminum anodized relative humidity chart.
Special micro processor based controller of programmable ( 99 programs and each program with 20 steps ) Temp. and Humidity controlled with soak and ramp setting on time based intervals with different steps, and day / night conditions by illumination control. This controller can be incorporated with this unit. This controller have the facility of RS. 232 computer interface to save and take print out of temp. and humidity in regular intervals.
Suitable voltage stabilizer is to be used to protect the equipment from voltage fluctuation. Non use of stabilizer will render the warranty of the equipment invalid. Stabilizer rating:- 3 K.V.A for 110Ltr. and 175Ltr. 4 K.V.A for 280 Ltr. and 340Ltr.

Category No. Capacity Chamber Size (Approx.) in cms
RHC - 4 110 litre 45x45x60
RHC - 6 175 litre 50x45x80
RHC -10 280 litre 60x55x90
RHC -12 340 litre 60x60x90
Outer body made of stainless steel 304 quality sheet with GMP standard also available.

Optional Accessories
Digital temp: and humidity controller (Humidistat).
Micro processor controlled programmable Temperature and Humidity controller with RS. 232 interface to take print out in regular intervals.
0-24 hrs. Digital cyclic timer for cyclic illumination control.
Illumination Fluorescent tube 2 nos.
45 cm 15 watt UV tube one.
Digital Temperature and Humidity controller can be fitted with the equipment.


  Laminar Air Flow Cabinets - Horizontal & Vertical

Rotek offers a wide range of Laminar air flow systems to suit the various applications in laboratories of College, Hospital, Industrial, Research and Scientific institutions. All products are designed and manufactured with latest technology and best quality materials.A unit to provide clean air, removes dust particles, double filtration of air through, pre filters and HEPA filters. Basically the laminar flow cabinet made of Wood and Plywood. All exterior surfaces are covered with white laminate sheet, or properly painted. interior portions are finished with chl- orinated rubber paint. Table top is covered with melamine sheet or S.S mat finish sheet, sides of the cabinet is paneled with polycarbonate transparent sheet.


  Biological Safety Cabinet with Virus Burnout Unit
Specifications are common to all types of air flow cabinets, ie, horizontal, vertical and bio-safe.
Bio-safe cabinet has an arrangement for free circulating a part of the air. Thus creating highest level of clean air. Exhaust air is filtered twice. The pre-filters can be exchanged with low risk of contamination.
Optional Accessories:
Special exhaust system for throwing the contaminated air
Virus burnout unit

  Tissue Culture Hood

Made with marine quality plywood interior and exterior surfaces are covered with laminated sheet. Table top laminated with melamine or stainless steel sheet. Folding type framed plexi glass door provided in the front. The unit is equipped with built in exhaust system, provided with U.V. germicidal tube and one fluorescent tube.
Cat No. Work Space (cm)
RTH- 01 120 x 60 x 60


  Inoculation Hood

Made of C.R. sheet, properly powder coated or painted on both sides, approx: working space 65 x 60 x 70 cms height at back. The front acrylic door is provided with glove ports. A fluorescent light , one U.V. light, and a powerful miniature exhaust fan fitted at the rear top portion to create negative pressure, provided with separate switches. Suitable to work on 220 V AC.
Cat No. Working Space Approx
RIH- 01

65 x 60 x 70


  Fume Exhaust Hood

The fume exhaust hood is designed to use in the laboratory to protect the personnel and equipment by throw out the toxic or chemical vapour from the work area. The hood is fabricated out of good quality water proof marine plywood or C.R sheet, the outer surface are covered with epoxy coated or FRP lining as required. The working table is covered with granite slab or acid proof glazed tiles, provided with stainless steel / FRP moulded / ceramic sink and water tap, provided with a cock for gas or air , additional power point, diffused florescent tube. The exhaust system consists of a dynamically balanced epoxy/ FRP coated impeller coupled with TEFC industrial motor three phase. The front glass shutter is provided with counter weight arrangement for easy vertical sliding.

Category. No. Working table
size in cms

Approx. external
dimension in cms

RFH-32 90x60x60 96x75x240
RFH-42 120x60x60 126x75x240
RFH-52 150x60x60 155x75x240
RFH-62 180X60X60 185x75x240
Fabrication of special size and coating requirement can be made on request, please contact us before placing the order.
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